Micha Zweifel
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Untitled, 2014, rubber foam, nike air sneakers, plastic lawn chair (photo: Ghislain Amar)

I know you hate the talk. And even more the personal address. Proximity is not what you strive for; it’s rather something like mutual disagreement. We both know that the romantic idyll is an idea of the past, pitiful and embarrassing. But it was romantic, the scenery there by the gravel pit and how we trespassed the fences to take walks along the conveyor of Alsatian pebbles. If the last time we met we split in mutual embarrassment, to make you feel inferior wasn’t my intent. It came over me like a blur, a lack of a clear outline. If anything, what I love about this friendship is our ability to meet beyond representation.


Installation view at tent, Rotterdam, 2014, various materials (photo: Ghislain Amar)


Untitled, 2014, varnish on plywood, concrete relief, earring, towels
(photo: Ghislain Amar)








at Peach, Rotterdam


2016, 2016, foam, sneakers, socks at Lokal_Int